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Tasting Event!

banner1Orders are ordered and shipments are on their way (almost) so it is with great pleasure that I can announce the first official Flowitt-Hill Wines tasting event!

The event will be held at 7PM on 8th July at Eastbury Village Hall in Berkshire and will be a chance to taste some of our favorite wines!

The stars of the show will be our imports from Alpine Mist, all of which will be available for Pre-order on the night!

In addition, there will be the opportunity to taste some of our favorites from Domaine La Ligiere and Domaine Pierre-Belle!

A night not to be missed!

Tickets £5

Tickets can be used to get 5% off any orders made on the night!

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Welcome to!

Flowitt-Hill Wines Ltd. is a small scale wine importer based in Berkshire.

We aim to provide high quality wines to both the wholesale and retail markets, and at a reasonable price!

Most of our wines come from France, but we are also importing from a fantastic vineyard in New Zealand!

If you would like a price list or to arrange a tasting, please email Giles at